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General Dentistry

Dental Exams and X-Rays

Regularly scheduled adult and children dental exams and x-rays is recommended to detect a problem before it could cause unnecessary tooth pain, and/or tooth loss. Exams includes oral cancer screenings, caries detector with the use of a new imaging fluorescence device (Soprolife), intra-oral images, gums evaluation , review of X-rays to see cysts, tumors and/or invisible decay that cannot been seen with the naked eye, evaluation of current restorations, and treatment plan consultation.

Periodontal treatments and dental cleanings

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease or peri0dontitis, occurs when the bone and gums around teeth become infected. If periodontal disease remains untreated, the gums separate from the teeth, causing spaces (also known as “pockets”) to develop between the teeth and the gums along the gumline. The result is the deterioration of gum tissue and jawbone, leading to tooth loss.

If you don’t have gum disease, regular dental cleanings will help prevent it. If you already have gum disease, we will provide periodontal treatment and deep cleaning (scaling and root planning). We will devise a plan to help prevent the progression of gum disease.

Fluoride treatments, Sealants, Preventative fillings, Night guards, Athletic mouth guards

Fluoride treatments will help re-mineralize teeth, and aid in the prevention of tooth sensitivity and decay. We might also recommend MI Paste.

A custom fitted night guard will help prevent tooth fracture and other dental problems that results from jaw clenching and bruxism (teeth grinding).

Tooth Sealants

The surfaces of teeth contain grooves where food particles and plaque collect over time and are difficult (sometimes impossible) to remove through regular brushing and flossing. To prevent decay, Dr. Tam, can apply a long-lasting and effective tooth sealant over the deep grooves on the surfaces of teeth. A simple and painless tooth sealant can be done in just one visit, which will last several years under ordinary conditions.

Dental Fillings

An oral health issue sometimes discovered during scheduled cleanings is tooth decay. If you have received fillings over the years, we will closely monitor them for any signs of failure. After years of use, fillings can start to break down at the edges, which can lead to new decay or weakening of the surrounding tooth structure. Fillings are placed to restore or fix areas that have decayed or broken. There are many different types of fillings to treat the area, which include amalgam, composite, gold and porcelain. If we discover a tooth that requires filling, we’ll advise you of your treatment options.

Composite fillings are an alternative to the traditional silver filling. Composite fillings are tooth colored fillings. Tooth colored fillings are not only more pleasing to the eye, but can be bonded to the remaining tooth structure to provide a stronger restoration.


- keep it the same Change Endodontics to Root Canal Treatment- Just keep the first two paragraphs and delete the rest of the descriptions. Delete TMJ treatments Extractions - An extraction is the complete removal of a tooth. It is our philosophy to try to maintain existing teeth whenever possible. However, due to gum disease, severe decay or trauma, some teeth may need to be extracted. If an extraction is needed, every effort will be made to make the experience as pleasant and painless as possible. Dr. Tam is well known for his extraction technique and can make what may seem like a scary & painful ordeal into a somewhat pleasant experience!