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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Not every dentist has the education or experience necessary to complete full mouth restorative cases. An in-depth knowledge and understanding of occlusion (bite), as well as the physiology and mechanics of your jaw is essential to the success of any full mouth rehabilitation case.

In fact Dr. Allen Tam treats some of the more complex full mouth cases. He utilizes a number of treatments to restore the comfort and function of your smile, while making sure that each procedure supports a healthy jaw and a comfortable bite.

Dr. Tam will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your chewing system. This includes the teeth, jaw joints, bones, muscles, lips, tongue, mouth, and face. All of these things are viewed as a collective system, not individual parts. When all parts of this system are in balance, a beautiful smile can be created and your chewing system can become healthy and can be maintained. If the parts of the chewing system are not in balance, the system can break down.
We can help correct issues including:

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