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Children’s Dentistry

Start Early with a 1st Visit at age 1

You might wonder how important it is for your child to visit our office at such a young age, even before they have all of their teeth. The truth is that dental problems can start early. It’s not uncommon for young children to experience gum disease and decay. When you bring them to our office while they are little, we can look for any conditions that require treatment.

Your toddler’s first visit will be very quick and easy. We will spend time helping them feel comfortable in the dental chair and even allow them to sit on your lap in the dental chair to help them relax. We can take them for a ride and count their teeth to help them feel comfortable about someone looking in their mouth. If your child cooperates, Dr. Tam will perform an exam to see if your child’s development is on track.

Comprehensive Children’s Dentistry

Once your child is old enough and feels comfortable with treatment, it is time to implement routine dental exams and dental cleanings. We can monitor your youngster’s health and make sure that they don’t have any early signs of orthodontic conditions. We will also regularly monitor the health of their teeth and make sure that home care is on track. If improvements become necessary, we can go over different techniques with you to help your child do a good job of brushing and flossing.

We work closely with parents and communicate when we see a pattern of poor hygiene or decay. If treatment becomes necessary, we will treat your child as if he or she is our own. We will make sure they are completely comfortable and provide excellent care.

Prevention is important, and we can discuss preventative treatments such as fluoride or dental sealants to protect your child from decay.

Let us know how we can help your children

If you are looking for a dental team that is great with kids, please give us a call! (503) 252-3666