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Dental Implants

What happens when you lose a tooth?

When you lose a tooth the bone that surrounds the lost tooth begins to disintegrate in a process call resorption. Your other teeth that surrounds the lost tooth might move and cause a mal-occlusion. They may drift, tipping toward the gap, which can create occlusal (bite) problems. The Best way to replace missing teeth is a Dental Implant.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

Bone retention – Dental implants are created with biocompatible metals, such as titanium, they integrate with your bone and stimulate growth, much like your natural teeth. Having a dental implant can prevent resorption.

Occlusal stability – Dental implants fill the gaps in your smile, they keep your other teeth from drifting and tilting. This protects and maintains the integrity of your bite.

Convenience – Dental implants are just as easy to care for as your natural teeth. You can brush and floss them normally, avoiding the need for special oral tools like floss threaders or small brushes to keep them clean.

Aesthetics – Dr. Tam creates each dental crown to match the appearance of your smile. He will take a custom shade and make sure that the size and shape of your implant crown looks like your other teeth.

Multiple missing teeth – In addition to replacing individual missing teeth, we can use dental implants to secure bridges and dentures, keeping your denture exactly where it belongs and giving you added confidence when you eat and speak.

How Dental Implants Work

If Dr. Tam, determines that you are a good candidate for a dental implant, he will work with one of the most highly skilled oral surgeons or periodontist in the area so that you have the best outcome possible. The specialist will place your dental implants and we will allow them time to heal completely. While it is possible to restore some dental implants immediately, in most cases, we allow them to heal for several months before placing a dental crown. 

Once your healing period is complete, Dr. Tam will create a custom implant crown that blends seamlessly with your smile.

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