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Dental Procedures

Why choose Dr. Tam’s office?

Have you ever had the experience of going to the dentist and feeling like you had about five minutes of the dentist’s time before you were passed off to an assistant? At Vibrant Smiles Dental, Dr. Allen Tam understands that when you have dental treatment, you want it performed by the expert. That is why he completes all of his own restorations and focuses on the highly personalized dental care you deserve.

We provide world-class dentistry in a private and customized way. We never double book appointments because we believe you deserve your own dedicated time. We also approach each patient with the intention of helping you keep your smile and teeth for life.

Comprehensive and Preventative Family Dentistry

Dr. Allen Tam, DMD and our team welcome your family to our office. Dr. Tam places a big emphasis on prevention. In fact, his team makes good periodontal health their mission because it is essential to the success of all other dentistry. Our hygienists are friendly, gentle, and highly skilled at restoring your gum health, even if you currently have periodontal disease.

Preventative care includes helping you improve your at-home wellness routine and caring for you at your biannual office visit. At your office visit, you can expect a thorough dental exam and a refreshing teeth cleaning.

Some of the Preventative and restorative treatments we offer include:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is often the first thing that others notice about your appearance. Is your first impression everything that you want it to be? We can give you the perfect smile through services like advanced teeth whitening and veneers. Bonding is another option in which Dr. Allen Tam uses composite resin to give your teeth the perfect size and shape.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation and Occlusal Cases

Call Us for an Initial Evaluation

Whether you are looking for routine dental care, cosmetic dentistry, or restorative treatment in Portland, Oregon. We look forward to welcoming you to our office and helping you feel good about your smile again.