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What to do when your child have a loose baby tooth?

Most baby teeth will fall out naturally
When your child’s adult teeth start developing, it will put pressure on the baby teeth roots.  This pressure will cause the baby teeth roots to dissolve.  As the root dissolve over a few months, the baby tooth will become loose.  When the tooth become loose enough, you can encourage your child to start wiggling the tooth.  I will take a few days or weeks, but most of the time the tooth will come out.    If it doesn’t and start to cause discomfort, call your dentist.


Some baby teeth might not fall out naturally


Most dentist would usually advise you to allow baby teeth to fall out naturally.  However, it the baby tooth root is not dissolving or it is preventing the ideal eruption of the adult teeth, the baby tooth should be extracted.  Sometimes the baby tooth can develop severe decay or infection that would also require an extraction.  Therefore, it is important to have you dentist monitor your child’s teeth every 6 months ideally.